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Taste the Magic at Mariana’s Pâtisserie

A Delicious Delight You’ll Love

Our Baked Goods

Always Fresh, Always Tasty

At Mariana’s Pâtisserie, we make everything fresh-from-scratch, all day, every day, using the finest and freshest ingredients.  We can bake just about anything, so contact us today for your special orders. Treat yourself - you deserve it!


Crescent Pecan Cookies (Cornulete)

A delicious melt in your mouth flaky cookies filled with a rum pecan filling and lightly dusted with powdered sugar.


Romanian Sweet Bread (Cozonac)

A delicate special citrus scented sweet bread filled with poppyseed filling or pecan filling traditional to Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.  It is usually prepared for Easter in Bulgaria and for every major holiday in Romania and Moldova.


Bulgarian Jam Filled Christmas Cookies (Maslenki)

A delicious buttery shortbread type cookie filled with apricot or raspberry preserves.


Linzer Cookies

These gorgeous cookies are a Christmas cookie classic!  They're buttery, flaky and have fresh roasted ground almonds in the dough.  They are filled with raspberry jam and lightly dusted with powdered sugar for a beautiful elegant finish.


Pastry Sampler

Cant decide which ones you love the most?  Get our beautifully packaged Pastry Sampler.  A great gift to yourself or someone special! ❤️


Romanian Sweet Cheese Pastries

These sweet cheese pastries are considered a trademark of the region of Moldova and its cuisine.  They have a soft delicate buttery crust scented with vanilla and lemon and are filled with creamy, sweet and lemony farmers cheese❤️


Romanian Chocolate Sponge Cake 

Romanian Chocolate sponge cake with a coffee/rum simple syrup filled chocolate rum buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache❤️


Pumpkin Spice Butter Cake

A delicious and light buttery cake with a delicate pumpkin spice flavor, drizzled with an orange rum glaze and topped with vanilla whipped cream

My Story

My love of pastries came from humble beginnings.  I was born in Romania and we immigrated to the United States when I was very young.  One of my fondest memories growing up was baking with my mom.  Her amazing recipes were passed down from generation to generation. Each pastry was made with love and brought our family together especially during the Holiday Season.

 I hope to capture a tiny bit of this special experience in every pastry I make for you.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance"



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Overland Park, KS, USA


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Taste the Magic at Mariana’s Pâtisserie

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